Cageside podcast 4 – Paul McVeigh, Denniston Sutherland & Brad Wharton

New edition of my podcast is here!!  This time around we have a feature: Wharton’s Watch.  Brad Wharton picks 3 topics which we tear into; Alex Reid, SAFE MMA and TUF Smashes.  In between all that I enjoyed a fascinating conversation with Cage Warriors 2 time champ Paul McVeigh and Denniston Mad Max Sutherland opened up about his personal battles both inside and outside the cage.

Let me know your thoughts on here or twitter @johngoodenuk

Or, download here!


0-19    Wharton’s Watch: Alex Reid

19-50  Paul McVeigh

50- 65  Wharton’s Watch: SAFE MMA

65-110Denniston Sutherland

110-      Wharton’s Watch: TUF Smashes

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